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Helping You Make Profitable Decisions

Detailed exception reports, estimated remediation costs and trusted partners to help protect your investment.

Due Diligence By Top-Rated Pros

For over a decade we have helped many top-rated commercial agents in the Portland area secure stable and profitable assets for their investor clients. Our detailed inspection report gives clients information about the viability of the asset, its future potential as an income stream and the documentation they need to influence their negotiations favorably. Our exception reports go above and beyond a list of deficiencies; they include the cost of remediation and a list of trusted partners to address the issues uncovered in the inspection.

Exception Reports

Detailed reports detailing structural and business viability of an asset.

Improving Asset Value

List of repairs necessary to improve the profitability of an asset.

Protecting Your Asset

Estimates and partners who can fix issues listed in exception reports.

Why Our Clients Love Us

We take pride in providing trusted, timely and thorough residential and commercial inspections to our clients in the Portland Metro area.

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