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Finding The Right Home Inspector

Home Inspection is more than a checklist

A home inspection isn’t just about protecting your future investment, but also about protecting you and your family. At Travis & Associates, we take our role in supporting the biggest investment of your life very seriously. Our report with over 1,000+ points of inspection, pictures, and videos is in compliance with industry standards mandated by InterNACHI and ASHI. We also offer on-site guidance so homebuyers and realtors® can realize the highest value from the transaction.


How to partner with the ‘right’ home inspector?

Bottom line, a quality home inspector must be a true partner in your homebuying journey. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are looking to hire a home inspector.

A personal fit: Your home inspector must inspire trust and confidence. Their unbiased and informed opinion will greatly influence your financial decision. Therefore, take the time to speak with an inspector or two and feel good about their skills, capabilities, and openness to questions. Requesting testimonials, independent online research and recommendations from friends and family are also ways to find the right fit for your home transaction.

A generalist: An experienced home inspector has a broad knowledge of all the systems and structures of a house, not just specialized knowledge of sections such as a plumber or electrician. A home inspector is like a general practitioner. They’re familiar with all systems of a house, all the entities, and structural parts and can, therefore provide an unbiased and informed assessment of the whole home.

Verification and Accreditation: Home inspectors are not regulated in most states, so it’s important to look for credentials such as certification by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). And if your state does regulate inspections, check with the state agency to verify the inspector’s license and check their record for complaints.

Experience: Another important aspect is the experience of your inspector. Longevity gives some comfort but the number of homes inspections the potential inspector has under his or her tool belt matters more. An inspector may have been in business for five years, but inspected less than a dozen homes. Your home buying decision is far too important to be a practice place for a part-time inspector.

Affiliation with Realtors: The hallmark of an objective and independent home inspector that she/he does not have any affiliation with the real estate agency selling the home. A strong referral from someone outside the home purchase process is the best referral source to assure an independent evaluation of a building.

Repairs: American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) states that its members are prohibited from performing repairs or contracting work on the homes they inspect. If your potential home inspector offers to address the repairs for the home, we recommend that you not hire them.

In working with Travis & Associates, homebuyers will have the advantage of unbiased guidance, proven expertise and, exceptional service to help them make an informed decision about their future home. By combining radon testing and sewer scope services with our home inspection expertise, we offer the one-stop guidance that every homebuyer needs.  Call or text 503-812-9929 to schedule your inspection today.